Find Travelmates

Finding travelmates who are in your area right now is easy with the following tool. Just fill out the blanks, hit the “Submit” button and travelers or locals in your current area will be displayed. The more fields you fill out the more you narrow down your search result to a perfect travelmate.

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Search for Future or Past Travelmates

While the above search is for travel-buddies who are in your current area right now, you can use the following to search for future or past travelmates. We’re working on a solution to combine the two searches and to make finding new friends on your journey an even better experience. For now you can read all about the below search in our blog here: How Events Work. Others travelers must have submitted a schedule of their journey in the “Events” tab of their profile to be searchable. Have a look at the travel schedule of our first ever member to get a better idea of “Events”.