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Welcome to travelmate.world, an interactive travel-community for you and your travelmates. Whether you want to search for new travel-buddies in your area, write your own personal travel-blog, benefit from travel-experiences other users or just get in touch with like-minded travels from all over the world - travelmate.world is the new all-in-one tool for your next journey. And the best part is: it is completely free to use!



Sign up now and get your own free travelmate.world profile. Easily personalize it with your own photos, connect with friends, write messages and see what others are doing. Just a beautiful way to stay in touch with your travelmates.

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Find Travelmates

You're on your own in a foreign city and looking for new travelmates or just want to find old travel-buddies from former journeys? We've got you covered. Try our "Find Travelmates" section. The nearest travelers will be displayed to you on a map. And don't be shy: Ask someone to meet up with you.



The simplest way to let your friends and parents know where you are and what you're experiencing right now is to write a blog. Furthermore, it's a great way to look back and see what awesome places you've visited, how many wonderful people you've met on your journeys and never forget about those - like a personal travel-diary. In the following blog post we're explaining how to write and set up your free travel blog at travelmate.world. You'll find additional information about all the other functions of this site in the blog section of our first ever member Paul.

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Groups are here to make traveling easier for you. Either create your own groups with friends or join a public one. To give you an idea of how groups are working, we've created some examples. Let's say you're in Barcelona right now and you want to know what's going on tonight. Just join the group "Barcelona" and you'll find travelmates in your area who might have some plans and you're welcome to meet up with them. Let others accompany you by sharing your meeting-point publicly and write it in the forum of the group.



Find a ride to your next destination, join travelmates on their sightseeing-tour or just ask for a nice restaurant - forums within groups give you the chance to talk to travelers in your area. We opened some topics for you to get started but surely you can open custom topics yourself in any group.